Friday, January 23, 2009

Wishing for Warm Weather

Today it's rather mild outside and almost 60 degrees. BUT, I am still wishing for warmer weather so that I can wear flip flops and sun dresses. I guess I'm on a kick today, first with the bathing suits and now with this. I found some cute items to look at from Old Navy. This recessionista and soon-to-be bride might pick up a few pieces, but the major shopping will have to wait until after the wedding.

Bathing Beauty?

Hello all. In preparation for my honeymoon and the upcoming summer season, I have started my search for a bathing suit. I have always been a bikini girl and still have a few that I love. Although I still think I have a good figure (thank you very much yoga), I am beginning to consider the tankini option. I think they are super cute and possibly a little more appropriate for family gatherings around the pool or lake. These super cute options from LL Bean might just do the trick. Cute ehh?

I think my favorite combination is the striped top and the skirt. I love that they're a little sporty spice and that the cover-up is built-in.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well Hello There!!

Hello to all my bloggie friends that still check back to see if I'm here. It has been a very full last few weeks...and by full, I mean stressful. I really didn't think I would be having nightmares about the wedding so far out. There are four months left until our wedding and the official countdown has begun. I know I have everything under control, but I think my subconscious mind and my "reality" need to hook-up. Oh well, there is only so much I can control. Did anyone else have nightmares before their wedding? Mine include trouble with the fiance (there are none in real life) and incomplete items at the wedding, such as: wedding dress not altered, no shoes, thank you gifts not finished, no center pieces, no minister, etc. I guess I really need to up my yoga routine and just get zen with the whole thing.

I'll provide a more detailed update on the wedding over the next few weeks, but for now, what do we think of this for the rehearsal dinner? I love this dress and wanted my bridesmaids to where it (in black), but the style didn't suit everyone. The rehearsal dinner is actually going to be a "welcome" party of sorts. We are having a southern style BBQ for around 80 people and I want to be comfortably chic (it is my rehearsal dinner after all). This cutie J Crew number is now a steal at $69.00. I think I might go for it.