Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So Sad...Goodbye Metropolitan Home

Yes, another one bites the dust. So sad that another shelter/home decor magazine has shuttered. For me, I am obsessed with home decor magazines, as I am in marketing for three home decor brands. There is still nothing like a glossy pub to capture your attention and really showcase design of any kind. We will miss you Met Home.
Be sure to snatch up the December issue as it will be the last. It will most likely be just like the coveted last issues of Domino and Cottage Living (at least for me anyway). And yes, when I moved, my last issues/archives of issues moved with me. Even though my husband bawked at the idea...I know how valuable these are.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Back in Town...For the Weekend

So, it has been a crazy last few weeks. In my last post, I was on my way to Michigan for a football game and then I didn't recap. Well, here it is. We had a blast. I would show pictures, but I'm not sure my friends would be pleased to see their pictures on my blog with me asking. We arrived on Friday night and stayed with the hubby's parentals. It was nice to see them as I haven't since the wedding. We got a rocky nights sleep to say the least. The hubs still has the bed he had in high school - it's still in his old room. It's a full size bed and a little small for the two of us to say the least. It's also a little lumpy. So long story short, I tossed and turned all night. No worries though because Saturday morning came and all was right. It was rainy and a little cold when we headed out for East Lansing which is about an hour and a half from his parents. We set up at about 1pm for our tailgate - keep in mind this was a 7pm game. We had a great time. Drinks, food, fun. We had bloody mary's and hot chocolate with Bailey's. We know how to tailgate right. The game was a good one until we lost in the last two seconds of the game. It could have been worse, at least the rain stopped an hour before the game. All in all, I think it was a great first Michigan State football game for me. Maybe a new yearly tradition for the hubs and I.

When I got back, I had Monday to get ready for another trip. It was off to Dallas this time for a video shoot for web videos. That went well and I got back on Thursday night. Then it was off to Atlanta this past Tuesday for a marketing conference at our corporate office. I got back last night. Like I said, it's been a busy few weeks.

As for the weekend....tonight it's dinner and bowling with friends. Can't wait. I'm so excited. I love bowling and haven't been in awhile. Tomorrow...who knows. Maybe a walk, a little shopping and some thank you note writing. Yes, I admit, I'm one of those brides that waits six months to get the thank you's out. Shameful, I know. But at least I'm writing them.

I still have some wedding recapping to do, so maybe I can do that as well this weekend. Then it's off to NC on Monday.

I'll check in soon. Hope ya'll have had a good few weeks.