Monday, June 30, 2008

Preppy Princess

I have never posted photos of myself, friends or family on my blog, but I thought it was time to start. Let me be the first to introduce the preppy pet. Her name is Kili and she might be the prissiest cat alive. My friends all say she has my personality. I'm not sure how I should take that though, because she truly is spoiled. She is rather cute and in these pictures it's hard to tell where she ends and the blanket begins.

One Week and Counting

Until we leave for Jamaica. I'm so excited it makes it hard to work. Plus the fact it is a gorgeous day and I wish I were already lying pool side. Well at least I have a few extra days at the gym to get the body bikini ready. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bad Habit

I am such a bad blogger. I've been a little crazy at work and my travel has had me all over the place. First it was to Chicago, then Michigan for a wedding, then back to Chicago and then home. Did I mention that all of this travel was in the course of one weekend? After getting home on Sunday night at 1:30 am, I left for Des Moines, IA on Monday and then finally came home on Tuesday night.

I work in PR and advertising, so I made a little trip to Des Moines to make a media pitch. I think it went well. I must admit that I love all things PR, but I'm not big on giving presentations to large groups. I used to be great at it, but now for some reason it really freaks me out. I need to get this under control as an adult career usually requires presentations in front of groups.

Back to the title of the post. My bad habit is picking out the best portions of cereal, party mix, trail mix, etc. I actually avoid buying certain cereals so I won't do this. I bought Raisin Bran yesterday and have already started picking out the sugar raisins. This is such a bad habit.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tag...I'm it!

I've been tagged for the very first time and it feels like a right-of-passage. I was tagged by I love Pink.

The rules go something like this: Post rules at the beginning of the post. Answer all the questions. Tag 6 people, go to their blog and leave a comment to inform them that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you have posted your answers.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I had just finished my fourth year of college. I was on the five year plan since I changed majors from textile design to textile marketing. Summer was always the best time and I was living that summer up because it was my last one without a full-time job.

What are 5 things on your to do list for today?

  1. Write thank yous for our engagement party gifts.

  2. Send thank you gifts to our friends that threw our engagement party.

  3. Body pump class at the gym.

  4. Order this dress from J. Crew (in Navy).

  5. Read my book and get to bed at a decent time.
What snacks do you enjoy?
String cheese, Kashi granola bars, kettle corn popcorn, fruit, yogurt, anything chocolate...I'm a snacker.

What places have you lived?
I grew up in Hickory, NC. I lived briefly in Greenville, NC. I've lived in Greensboro, NC for 12 years (since I came here for college).

What 5 things would you do if you were a billionaire?

  1. Pay off student loans.

  2. Take care of my parents for life.

  3. Set up a scholarship fund.

  4. Travel.

  5. By myself a spectacular home on the NC coast. I love it here.

Tagged: Little Southern Sister, Tres Poshe Preppy, Polos & Pearls and Mrs. Preppy. I think everyone else has been tagged.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Whim on Sale!

I know you girls love Whim by Cynthia Rowley at Target because I've been reading your entries for the last month. Here's a tip...all the Whim items at my local Target in Greensboro are 50% off. Run, don't walk to your nearest Target before the pieces you haven't gotten yet are all gone. I just checked the and the items online haven't been marked down yet.

Sweets for a Good Cause

I'm not sure how many of you out there are reading my blog that aren't reading The Preppy Wedding, but I wanted to share this anyway. On June 14 & 15 Wendy's will donate 50 cents from the sale of every Frosty product, including new Frosty Shakes, at participating restaurants, to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. This is a good way to make a contribution and get something sweet in return. You know we all love sugar, so skip the Ben & Jerry's this weekend and pony-up for a good cause. Help bring a child to a home they can call their own.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sorry I've been MIA since last week. I had a busy weekend with the FI and then had a busy first half of the week at work.

The weekend update goes like this. FI was supposed to fly in Friday night for our engagement party on Saturday night. He got delayed repeatedly due to storms in the Chicago area and finally arrived at 11am Saturday morning. We missed our Friday night together, but at least he made it for our engagement party. How embarrassing would it have been to be sans FI at OUR party. The party was great! My friends really out did themselves. The dress was cute, but I felt like I looked like a table cloth. Also, if the angle was right, I looked as big as a table. I would post pictures, but I don't think they turned out exceptionally well (see the statement about looking like a table). I don't have a problem sharing pictures of us, I just can't find that many cute ones (where we both look good). Hopefully we'll get some good ones when we go to Jamaica. The good thing that came from the shots of me looking like a beached whale is that I need to start working out more often. After many years of being super skinny and watching what I eat very carefully, I've discovered I really like food....good food. I'm not willing to starve myself, so I guess I have no other choice by to work harder.

Anyway, back to the weekend. The Friday night we lost due to storms was made up for on Sunday night, again due to storms. We finally got to play the 80's edition Trivial Pursuit he got me for my birthday last year. Yes, I love trivia, but have never been able to beat the FI. Let's face it, if there were a trivia game dedicated to clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories and brand knowledge, I would beat the pants off of him. Oh well.

Hope you're having a good week.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Relapsed

Yes, my addiction rears its ugly head again. My friends are throwing the FI and I an engagement party this weekend and the dress is "Dressy Casual". I do have enough dresses (due to the afore mentioned addiction), but I found this dress at Target and it is so cute. I tried it on hoping it wouldn't fit, but if fit like a dream. I thought this dress would be great with nude color heels. I guess right now I'm just making a confession and rationalizing another dress. Oh well, at least it will look cute in pictures.