Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bad Habit

I am such a bad blogger. I've been a little crazy at work and my travel has had me all over the place. First it was to Chicago, then Michigan for a wedding, then back to Chicago and then home. Did I mention that all of this travel was in the course of one weekend? After getting home on Sunday night at 1:30 am, I left for Des Moines, IA on Monday and then finally came home on Tuesday night.

I work in PR and advertising, so I made a little trip to Des Moines to make a media pitch. I think it went well. I must admit that I love all things PR, but I'm not big on giving presentations to large groups. I used to be great at it, but now for some reason it really freaks me out. I need to get this under control as an adult career usually requires presentations in front of groups.

Back to the title of the post. My bad habit is picking out the best portions of cereal, party mix, trail mix, etc. I actually avoid buying certain cereals so I won't do this. I bought Raisin Bran yesterday and have already started picking out the sugar raisins. This is such a bad habit.


Sarah said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm loving all of your magazine choices!!!

And I have to say your not alone with being freaked out by giving presentations to a big group of people, I'm the same!!!! I actually graduated with a Marketing degree but I couldn't handle the presentations and the sales so I had to settle for banking, I really wish I could find some kind of marketing related job that didn't involve those two things! And Lucky Charms...those marshmallows are so gone after I open that box!!! :)

Looking forward to reading your blog!!

ilovepink said...

I hate public speking! Period! Freaks me out!!!!

Muffy said...

We've missed you! I know what you mean about public speaking- I used to be TOPS, and now I get sweaty palms!!!

Miss Lili NC said...

I have the same bad habit...mine extends to digging out all the best reese/fudge/etc peices in a carton of ice cream or picking all the pepperoni and olives off a HATES it b/c he always gets stuck with my rejects!