Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today I attended a funeral. It wasn't a family member or friend of mine, but the grandmother of one of my best friends. As we were driving to the cemetery I was appalled by some of the behavior I noted. The way I was brought up, if you saw a funeral procession pass, you stopped as if were an emergency vehicle. I was always told it was a matter of respect, not to mention manners and just human decency. You never rode beside the processional...not to mention driving beside the processional and running the red lights to boot and you didn't drive between the processional. I noticed that some people did the right thing by stopping. Am I the only one that was brought up this way? What does this say about us if we can't slow down enough to respect the life that was just called home?

Sorry for the rambling. I know this isn't happy blogger content. It's just been on my mind since I left the funeral.