Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bridesmaid Update

So I haven't been giving the wedding updates like I wanted to. So here's info on the bridesmaids attire. Boy are they going to be walking J. Crew models. They are all wearing the same dress. I haven't decided on the shoes yet. I'll let them pick their style shoe, I just don't know what color - gold or black. The two bracelets below are their gifts (Holly if your reading, keep it a secret). I haven't decided who is getting what style, but I have a good idea. I will also be wearing one. I won't be able to decide which one until I try on my dress. Since my dress is a little plain, I wanted to spice it up with some cute jewelry.


La Couturier said...

That black dress is simply perfect! As are those pearls - those are gorgeous!

La C.

Polos & Pearls said...

love the dress and loves the pearls even more!!

Holly Stewart said...

Think the bracelets and the dresses are just perfect.