Friday, May 16, 2008

Dear J

J Crew that is. Why must you temp me with such cute clothes during a time that is supposed to be all about saving? If it's not too much trouble could you put this on sale?

And this too?

If I say pretty please, will you do it? I really need these to add to my collection.


friendbrooke said...

Hey there Cessy...this is Brooke, Julie's friend! She showed me your blog, so I thought I would stop in and say Hi! I love seeing your wedding plans...what fun! Take care and have a great weekend:)

ilovepink said...

I need to check out the latest. I love those dresses.

Carolina Girl said...

Hi Brooke. I tried to respond to your blog but I think it's by invitation only. Hopefully I'll be consistent with the updates on the wedding planning. Have a good weekend if you're reading!