Monday, May 19, 2008

Mason Jar Find

This is the cutest idea. It looks to me like these are cupcakes in a mason jar. The bakery is Bangerang Bake Shop. I would have never thought of that. There are so many uses for mason jars, but here in the south the top two are homemade canned products and a vessel for sweet tea. I like the idea of using the mason jar. I might use them for wedding favors (for candy). I wanted something a little more unique than a box or a bag and also wanted to provide something to my guest that could be reused.

Who knew mason jars could be so cute? Wouldn't these be cute with jelly beans in our wedding colors (green and white) tied with a black and white polka dot bow (black is the third wedding color). I'm not fond of licorice, so that is not something you would find in any of my candy choices. I would label this with a card that had our initials and the note that "love is sweet".

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magnoliabelle said...

What a cute idea! I love mason jars!