Monday, February 22, 2010

Puppy Love

This is our new puppy Jackson...well I guess he's not that new anymore. We've had him for about a month. He's really cute and has pretty much doubled in size since we got him. In the last two weeks, he's gained over six pounds. The vet says he's going to be big. By the look of his paws, I say he's going to be huge. I'm glad our new house has a big back yard.
This is a picture of our new house. These are the two main reasons I've been MIA. I'll post pictures of the inside once it is presentable. We just love it. We're so lucky and blessed to be at a great stage in our lives and marriage.

And for any of you that are wondering, I absolutely love GA. We're in Marietta now and it's a great combo of small town with access to big city.
I couldn't be happier.