Friday, August 15, 2008

Distinctively Southern

Boy, two posts in one hour. I'm on a roll.

I've started thinking a lot about our wedding recently. I really want a elegant wedding, but want people to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. My fiance is from Michigan and I would like for all of his friends and family to enjoy all that Greensboro, and the south for that matter, have to offer. I think I've said before that we would like to have our rehearsal dinner at our local baseball stadium. Our back up plan if there isn't a home game that night is to have the rehearsal dinner at a local brewery downtown. There is a third story private room that would be perfect for something laid back. This of course would be complete with beer tasting flights (is this fun or what).

Our ceremony will be held at a local park. I love this park and the fact that we will have to do the bare minimum to make this a stunning ceremony site is definitely a bonus.

Our reception is being held a the newest "boutique" hotel in the city. It is such a cool location. Our wedding colors are white and black with green as our accent color. For our cocktails, I plan to offer NC wines, locally brewed beer and Tom Collins with lime slices as our signature cocktails. For the menu, I would love to have the following:

Fried green tomatoes
Pimento cheese tartlets
Country ham tea biscuits

Main Menu (Stations)
NC BBQ pork tenderloin (east and west coast offerings of course)
Shrimp & Grits
Roast Beef
Vegetables (I would love to have fancy collard greens or fried okra as an option)

Desert Option
Banana pudding cups

What do you guys think? Remember, all of this would be prepared with the utmost attention and it wouldn't be tres redneck. I think the fiance is OK with a southern twist, I just want to make sure I'm offering enough options for people. I would love to hear from you ladies. I trust your opinions.


Always Organizing said...

I love your ideas! I think the whole style you described sounds wonderful. Love the southern twist:) I am in the middle of searching for a reception venue to fit our budget but I also want it to be elegant and fun. Hard to find in the wedding industry!!! Trust your instincts, they are great!

Always Organizing said...
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Muffy said...

I think it's terrific. Not redneck at all. It will be lovely!

Randall said...

I think it sounds great! Stepping outside of the "chicken or steak" options at a wedding always works for me.

Princess Freckles said...

I'm from Michigan! And, I would love to attend a wedding like the one you're planning. Its nice to have a little "local flare"! I know it'll be elegant, yet it will represent you and the two of you as a couple. Sounds lovely!

Miss Lili NC said...

I think the menu sounds fantastic...very "gourmet soulfood"

Preppy(STB)Peshke said...

I actually just got married 2 weeks ago 8/9/8 to a Michigan boy myself. I am from Georgia and we had a similar menu and rehearsal dinner. Our RD was a huge catered BBQ with boiled peanuts, pimento cheese dip, bbq, slaw and the works. Everyone loved it. Our reception was held in a club with view of the Atlanta Skyline- our menu had peach martini's, cajun turkey, ham w/ sweet potato biscuits, fried green tomatoes, mac and cheese in mini crocks, Shrimp and grits, etc. It was so good. It all was elegant, but still southern. All of the michiganders absolutely had a blast. Congrats and enjoy!!