Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Love Love Love These Invitations

I love these invitations. Miss Cupcake over at the Weddingbee designed these herself. I love how she used the bold colors. I think I've told you guys before that our colors are black, white and green. I've been on the fence a little about what green I want, but seeing these has sealed the deal. I really like how un-traditionally vibrant these are. I think our invitations will be elegant, but playful and will probably have some kind of black and white polka dot on them. I designed our save-the-dates. They aren't as ornate as these, but I think they're cute and express my personality.


Muffy said...

I like these too! Very fun!

tickledpink said...

I love these! The colors are fabulous!

Randall said...

Love the curvy border contrast with the white against the blue. Darling!