Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is Anyone Still Reading?

OK, so bad blogger is not the term for what I am. I knew when I started this blog, there would come a time when I would go on hiatus and not write anything for quite a while. I just didn't know it would be six months. Life has been absolutely crazy since April. In that time, I have gotten married, sold my house, moved to TN and learned to live with my husband. Oh, and might I add that I've moved twice so far - once to my husband's apartment in TN and then to our new apartment in TN.

I am now working from my home office (when I don't have to travel back to NC) with my same company. After returning from our honeymoon, the hubs and I decided that the best thing for both of us would be for me to move to TN - with or without a job. So, in June after the papers were signed and all complete with the sale of my house, I approached my boss to see if he would be willing to let me move to TN and work from home. It took him a while to decide...so long in fact, that during the time he was "evaluating" the situation, our parent corp. announced the office would be relocating to Atlanta, we had a new president and three new VP's - including my boss - which was one of the VP's that got replaced. So, the process began again. Luckily, my new VP didn't take so long in deciding and gave me the go ahead within in a week. So, at the end of July, this NC girl became a TN resident...but only for a short while. When offer letters came out at the end of August, guess who got one. That's right...this chick right here. Long story short, the opportunity is too good to pass up. Although I said I would never move there, we are going to pack up yet again and move. If you're keeping count, that three times in one year. So...Atlanta here we come. There have been some that say we will move again since we are a young couple and just got married. We say....if that happens....we're moving to the coast.

So friends, if anyone is still reading (and I hope you are) I plan to post more often. I have a lot to say and a wedding to recap. Below is a sneak peek at the wedding. I'll post more in the next few weeks.

xoxoxo for now.


cMe said...

ATL is a fun city!

Princess Freckles said...

Welcome back, and congratulations on all fronts! Can't wait to hear more!

Red and White Preppy said...

Glad you're back!!! :) Congratulations on the wedding and on your moves!

Anonymous said...

hi!! Don't think I have ever had the chance to comment on a new post before. I lived in Greensboro for 5 years before moving to TN..too! I am in middle TN. Congrats on all your good news and hope you have a blast in the ATL!! I work from home too...isn't it the greatest! Hope your having a great day!! = )

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